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It can be a dizzying process when it comes to selecting a quality product or just the right design to fit with your specific display application. Getting answers to the questions you may have can become frustrating. We've compiled a list of some of the most common questions asked of us in the past. Check out the following FAQ and please, don't hesitate to ask if you are unable to find the answers you're looking for.
Do you ship to Canada?
Yes we do! If for any reason there is a problem calculating shipping for your order please contact us.
Where are your rope light displays made?
Every one of our rope light displays and sculptures, without exception, are designed, cut, bent, welded, powder coated, lit, tested, packaged and shipped right here in Port Angeles, Washington located on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. And, if we missed mentioning anything in that list then we'll have you know it's done right here as well!
What is Olympic Holiday Lighting's commitment to having a Made-in-the-USA product?
Our FAQ has a question regarding our display origins, however, to answer the question in further detail, OHL is committed to an ongoing effort for a 100% Made-in-USA product. This not only includes the actual materials used for the displays themselves (Steel, Powder, Wire Ties, etc.) but to the actual tools we use, the consumables used for those tools (Welding wire, grinding wheels, cut-off disks, etc.), packing materials, office supplies, local vendors, etc. We are constantly reviewing our assets for their manufacturing origin and then seeking out suitable Made-in-USA replacements if necessary. There is one item which we have not been able to satisfy our criteria with yet and that happens to be the rope light itself. Although the rope light we use is of superior quality to most others on the market, to our dismay, we have not been able to find/source a US manufactured product and are coming to the conclusion there simply aren't any manufactures based here in the US.
What are your displays made out of?
Our display frames are made from cold-rolled steel with full 360 degree welds which are then ground and dressed for aesthetics.
How long does it take to receive my rope light display?
Many of our displays ship within 4-7 business days with some designs shipping in as soon as 3 days. This period will be extended during holiday seasons when demand is exceptionally high and/or if a certain LED or Incandescent rope color is out of stock. If you require a closer estimation as to when a display might ship, please feel free to contact us.
Do you build custom displays for your customers?
Yes. Many of our display designs originate from customer requests and would be happy to discuss with you your custom design plans. Please contact us further for more details. Please note that we are unable to accommodate custom build requests between October 1st and December 31st due to the volume of orders we receive.
Why don't you offer Free Shipping for your displays on eBay or any other auction website?
This is soley due to the percentage of fees auction websites such as eBay charge the seller.
What type of electrical connector do your displays have?
Our displays are built for operation on US based 110/120VAC 60Hz residential/commercial electrical systems and are configured with NEMA 1-15P, two prong, non-polarized plug ends.
Are your displays designed for indoor or outdoor use?
Both. Our displays are built commercial-grade for indoor or outdoor applications.
What is the availability of your displays?
ALL of our displays are available year round. Some models, specifically the snowflakes have longer lead times beginning in October and ending in February due to high demand. It is best to plan your holiday designs during the off season to help avoid potential delays.
What frame color should I choose?
To begin with, all frames look black at night with the display illuminated. With that said, there are two factors to consider when choosing frame color, aesthetics and reflectivity. Our white frames are a 90% gloss powder coat and do well enhancing reflections from the rope light. Choosing a black, green, or other color for the frame (provided we offer it for the display) comes down to a choice of how you would like to view the display during daylight hours. The impact to light reflectivity during night time hours will go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

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